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Unless you planned on getting arrested today, I’m betting you left the house with clothes on.  Such an integral part of everyone’s daily life yet how much thought do we give about where the fabric for our clothes comes from.
Did you know that Hemp has been federally regulated by Health Canada since 1998? For something that’s been around for almost 20 years we barely ever hear anything about it; yet, when one looks at the benefits of cultivating hemp, we wonder why we’re not screaming it from the mountain tops.
A marijuana leaf in front of several bottles of liquor.
I came across an article on cannabis and alcohol a short time after a colleague suggested a I do a piece on the topic.  It is titled “Drunk and High”.  I can’t remember who the author is, but the headline got my attention as idea of being drunk and high at the same time made my “danger zone” bells go off.  So, I thought, yeah, I will write about it. Knowledge is power. While researching the subject, I found out that I’ve been living in a cave, unfamiliar with the current terminology.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is sadly a common disorder and one that did not have a name for a long time.  They didn’t know how to explain why daddy dives under the coffee table every time the screen door slams shut or why he won’t follow a certain route when taking us to school.