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A piece of hemp plastic
I first got turned on to hemp plastics after seeing a picture of a chair made from the stuff. Stylish, glossy, beautiful curves, gorgeous colour.  It was something.  I even saved that picture. This is not that chair, but look at it.  How cool is that?
Harvesting a gold mine!
Hemp as bio mass fuel for our homes and cars. It is a fact, that leftover hemp stock laying in the field rotting can be turned into ethanol, methanol, BTU gas, tar and charcoal; and lots of it.
From seed to oil; several beakers of hemp material in a row
You could say that making your own bio diesel from hemp seed would be a labour of love. I mean, how delicious would it be to roar past fuelling stations in your big F350 diesel and not care about the cost at the pump.  Can you picture yourself smugly hammering down on the throttle knowing you’re not polluting the environment or taking non renewable resources from your grandchildren?  All the while you’re leaving a fragrant trail of popcorn.   Yes, that would be a labour of love.
Diversifying our fuel interests mean securing our future.
If we’re going to get serious about reducing carbon emissions then we’re going to have to have a serious look at bio-fuels. Bio fuels are fuels produced directly or indirectly from organic materials like hemp.  The reasons we want more bio fuels as a source of energy for our homes, cars and industry are many, and are mind blowing.