We post articles discussing the industry, our practices and tactics, and of course, our marijuana.

To us, there are few things more satisfying than growing marijuana from seed. There’s just something so downright fulfilling about seeing those little seeds sprout, tenderly nurturing them along the way until their maturity.  It’s not like growing a carrot or beets, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour in another way, one that gives you a sense of total well being.
hemp, hemp seed, raw hemp seed bars
Want to know a quick and easy way to get all your nutritional needs? Hempseed, the Superfood. With all this recent talk about cancer causing foods like meat and such, it seems like all the “fun food” is bad for us. According to IARC you're looking at cancer on a platter. Hempseed, however, is one of the “fun food” good guys.
A sheet of green hemp paper
Want to help save our forests? Take this into consideration:  The pulp and paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy. 40% of office paper ends up at a landfill. 93% of the world paper is still coming from wood. (1) The pulp and paper industry use more water to produce one ton of product then any other industry.
Hemp based concrete bricks
If you haven’t already been blown away by the versatility of hemp, then get ready to see how you can grow your own house. From foundations to walls to roofing and lots of stuff in between, hemp can replace traditional construction materials, with benefits.