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Secret Path
Sending a poem of timeless love for the man who loves the boy. #GordDowniesCanada #TheTragicallyHip #SecretPath Sometimes trippy things happen around here and this it one of them:)
using a magnifier to inspect the marijuana you're about to buy
Unregulated dispensary pose risk! The headline shock factor alone will get your skin crawling even though it may only be partially true. Unregulated businesses that supply good and services to the public can pose a risk.  It depends on the commitment and ethics of the people involved. And the same goes for the unregulated marijuana industry.  Oddly enough the marijuana industry’s been operating for decades serving hundreds of thousands of people with no government regulation and not one was killed by bad marijuana, it just didn’t do what you wanted it to do.
cannabis in veg stage
It’s time to let this baby rock and flower.  They’re probably about 12” - 16” in height by now and the marijuana plants are robustly busting out of their six inch pots so you’ll need to transplant again.  Obviously the bigger the pot the bigger the plant so you’ll need to take finished height and width into consideration before choosing the next pot size up.
It won’t be long and you’ll be needing to transplant your nursery plant.  You’ll know when the plant has roots showing and the bottom juvenile leaves are popping, it's time.  Gather the supplies you’ll need.  You don’t want to be left scrambling while your plants suffer from the need for more room and a stable footing.  A bit like us. gather your supplies