How to throw a clipping party

The stress free way to organize your clipping crew, keep the flow going and not bog down during harvest.

Several days before the event, stock up on food and beverages.  Prepare and make meals such as one pot soups and stews ahead of time.  You can be as simple or fancy as you like, just make it good.  Clippers look forward to a good tasting meal on their break!

Do a general household clean, especially the bathroom, and stock up on toilet paper!

Try to get enough people together so you can finish the job in a day or two.  It stays fun that way and you’ll have no problem recruiting the same great clippers again.  You’re to feed and sometimes house these folks so take your space and time into consideration.   

Once you know how many people you’ll need for the job, find a good location.  A good location is one that’s close to the grow room.  Cutting a transporting to another location is not recommended.  If you need to cut and aren’t clipping right away, stand the marijuana stems up in fresh clean water, like roses in a vase.  They stay fresh for hours like that.  The fresher the marijuana when clipping the better.  Limp plants slow down the clippers.

The day before everyone arrives, prepare the clipping room.

Check the lighting.  Make sure it’s bright.  Arrange to get more lights if you need to.  We use a 1000 watt halide hung high over the middle of the table.  

Throw a large, clean tarp down on the floor, if it’s a concern.  We’re not saving anything that lands there anyway.  Gather and assemble the necessary number of chairs around a large work table. Set it up in the middle of a room so you can assess all side of the table.  You’ll need to be able to move around it.  

Put large, clean receptacles in the middle of the table for the fresh clipped marijuana buds.  I duck tape clean garbage bags to the table in front of each clipper to sweep their sugar leaves into as they go.  It’s fast and it keeps everything clean.

Set out a coffee station.  The Keurig’s perfect for this.  Also, prepare a large pitcher of water and set out cups.  Add slices of lemon, cucumber, mint and ginger to the water keep the crew hydrated.  

Set out isolation gloves of various sizes.  Buy them in boxes have them readily available so your clippers can change them frequently.  Ideally, every time someone goes away from the clipping table, they are to return with clean gloves or leave their gloves on the table.

Inspect and wipe the scissors with a slightly oily cloth.  (You cleaned them good when you put them away last time they were used, right?)  Provide a scant amount vegetable oil on a rag or paper towel for your clippers to wipe their scissors with throughout the day.  Most clippers have their own scissors but for those who do not, be prepared with good quality embroidery scissors.  

Providing aprons for your clippers is a good idea.  Less marijuana leaves sticking to everyone equals less mess everywhere.  Buy the cheap plastic bbq aprons at the dollar store.  Everything slides off them and they make clean up a breeze.  

Supply a clean up station where your clippers can scrub up.  You don’t want them washing their hands in the kitchen sinks when you’re trying to get lunch together.  Just saying.  We use Nature’s Ultimate concentrated orange cleaner.  Sprayed lightly on the hands and rubbed together with a small amount of water works like a charm.  We also like the orange soap with scrubbing grains made for mechanics.  Have a nice hand lotion available for your clippers for after washing.  They’ll like the thoughtful touch.

Bet on getting 8 good hours out of people a day.  It’s not worth it to push yourself and your crew past this point.  Be reasonable with your time estimation and your dried marijuana will look better for it.

I’ve worked extensively throughout some of the biggest growing areas in BC under a number of different scenarios.  Next article I’ll tell you the fastest way I know to organize your clipping crew and maximize pounds of marijuana clipped per hour.

Pro Tips:
If you have good clippers, treat them like gold.  
Pay them on time
Be cheerful throughout the day
Care about their well being.