LED Grow Light Revolution

Two years ago last June I wrote an article “Growing from Seed, Part 3”.

In it, I discussed the importance of lighting for great bud finish and how many bulbs per square foot you’d need.

Well, things have evolved considerably in the LED grow light technology since then and it was really cool to see these new arrays of light banks showcased at the Edmonton Hemp and Cannabis Expo.

The new LED grow lights replace the old ballasts, metal halide bulbs and high pressure sodium bulbs (HPS) all the while saving on heat reduction and electrical costs and dare I say, yielding a better crop.

The innovators have researched extensively to understand how light can be used to optimize crop production.

By manipulating light hours to 12 on/12 off to trigger the flower stage and providing full light spectrum uniformity from the bottom to the top of the plant, yields are showing big, strong buds, lots of crystal and shorter growth time by 3—4 days, and saving anywhere from 40-70% in reduced energy usage at the same time.

Also, your grow room ends up looking super futuristic.

The plant’s impulse to grow is the result of photosynthesis, which is the result of the delivery of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) from the grow light used. Results from Esttech Inc. comparison found the LED far superior in delivering PAR than the standard DE (double ended) light sources.

Armed with this information alone, I’d recommend home growers to set up for this new technology as soon as.

With energy rates set to rise, again, certainly in BC it is, the costs of replacing your light source would soon be recouped.

Higher yield, lower costs, not much to think about really.

Two really great professional grow light companies I met in Edmonton, Esttech Inc. and LED Grow Corp are sources to consider.

The equipment is a tremendous improvement as far as the full light spectrum and penetration, reduced heat generated, energy saving, ease of switching the lights for the flower stage not to mention a long lifespan and greater yield.

That’s a lot of pluses.

I’m sold on LED technology!

Time to toss out those heavy old ballasts, fragile bulbs and save me some time, money and trouble.