CBD Dosing calculations for your pet. Made Easy!

You may have been wondering if cannabidoil, or CBD as it’s commonly known, an extract from the cannabis plant is beneficial to your pet(s).

You may have heard that a lot of pet owners are using CBD to treat various conditions in their pets.  These conditions include such things as pain, anxiety, inflammation and allergic response, seizure and epilepsy, appetite imbalance, and for general nervous system protection.

Maybe you want give it a try.  Maybe it’ll help your super nervous car sick dog who hates the road trip but loves when you finally get to the lake.
Maybe you could help with old age arthritis when they over do it playing and running.

What kind of CBD should you use that safe for your pet?

Old dog with spectacles

You want to seek out CBD oil made from low THC hemp plants.

Dogs are particularly sensitive to THC and should be kept away from all THC products. Full spectrum CBD oil made from 100% organic, non-gmo grown hemp plants is the best for your pets. It contains a multitude of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes and flavonoids.

The full spectrum CBD works synergistically to benefit gastrointestinal, anxiety, neurological, sleep, pain, inflammation and allergic response disorders. How much should you give to your pet?

Veterinarian Dr. Robert Silver recommends starting with the lowest dose of 0.05 mg per pound to gauge any adverse reactions and gradually increase the dose every 5 days until a therapeutic effect is seen.

The starting point, or lowest amount possible, is calculated by your pet’s body weight.

Here’s the formula:

Step 1) Determine the reason your giving your pet CBD oil.

  • Low dose (0.05 mg per pound of bodyweight) is for travel, stress, separation anxiety and for general health and immune support

  • Medium Dose (0.125 mg per pound of bodyweight) is for anxiety, arthritis, general pain and nausea

  • High Dose (.25 mg per pound of bodyweight) is for cancer, epilepsy or other situations calling for a higher dose.

Step 2) Determine your pet’s body weight.

We’re using pounds for this calculation.

Step 3) Get out your calculator.

Let’s assume your dog weights 25 pounds and you’ve purchased a 30 ml bottle of 100 mg CBD Tincture and your treating for your dog for travel.

So you want to give 0.05 milligrams per pound twice a day.  Eg: 1.25 mgs twice a day for a 25 pound dog (25 pounds x 0.05 milligrams)

One 30 millilitre bottle of 100 milligrams CBD oil equals approximately 3.33 milligram per millilitre (100 divided by 30).

There’s approximately 20 drops per millilitre or 10 drops per 0.5 millilitre, therefore, 3.33 divided by 20 equals 0.16, therefore, one drop of 100 mg CBD oil equals 0.16 mg.

You want to give your dog 1.25 mgs x 2 daily.

We know that one drop of 100 mg CBD oil contains 0.16 mg. Divide 1.25 mgs x 0.16 = 7.8 drops, rounded up to 8 drops twice per day.

Let’s do it again!

If you’re using 250 mg/30 ml CBD oil same formula applies. 250 divided by 30 = 8.33 mg/ml.

One drop, therefore, equals 8.33 divided by 20 equals 0.42 mgs/drop. 1.25 mgs divided by 0.42 equals 2.97 rounded to 3 drops twice daily.


You can use this formula for figuring out dose no matter the size of the pet or strength of the CBD oil.

If you see undesired side effects such as excessive sedation, disorientation, excitement, vomiting, etc the administration of CBD should stop immediately.

After the side effects have worn off your pet can be restarted at a low dose.

Try it out

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