Secret Path

Sending a poem of timeless love for the man who loves the boy. #GordDowniesCanada #TheTragicallyHip #SecretPath

Sometimes trippy things happen around here and this it one of them:)

Normally, the ruga ragosa (hardy rose) by the front porch doesn’t have any blossoms at this time of the year
But this year is different
And as I walked by I couldn’t help but stop, tilt that tiny flower toward my nose and INHALE.  Long, slow, deep
Taking in every bit of the luxurious fragrance, holding it in the nose, remembering to savour the moment
And then the fragrance spoke to me
It said “my name is Gord Downie”

Secret Path

And I believe it.

Gord Downie, haunted by what happened to Chanie Wenjack and the thousands of other First Nations children, creates Secret Path.  The depth of my regard for Gord Downie is unfathomable.