Edmonton Cannabis & Hemp Expo 2018 (Apr 28/29)

It’s not often that I’ve been to a cannabis & hemp expo.  In fact, confession time: I’ve never been to one; but now that we’re so close to legalization in Canada, it felt like a good time to breakout and meet the people propelling the legal industry.

First impressions walking into the show was one of joy.  Like a big heavy ball being lifted off the shoulders of cannabis users.  Whoopi Goldberg said it best when Barack Obama was voted into office in 2008, “I feel like I can finally put my suitcases down” (paraphrased).  It’s like that.

Glass blowers hard at work demonstrating their craft at the 2018 Edmonton Cannabis & Hemp Expo

Roughly 130 exhibitors filled Conference Room B showcasing everything from leading edge technology in production and distribution to wonderful and innovative products and services. It was a very educating experience and well worth the time and travel to get there. The exhibitors appear to have put a lot of thought into making their booths fun and engaging so kudos to them
for achieving that goal.

A grand display of craftsmanship in rainbow glass.

The glass blowing area was great and gave dramatic flare to the show. I’m easily mesmerized by the art form. Judging by the number of unique, fantastic pieces people were
picking up I’m not the only one. Twelve seminars on a wide range of topics ran during the two days. It was a great opportunity to learn from the experts about cannabis terpenes, cooking with cannabis and
navigating the new cannabis industry whether as a producer or distributor.

It was a very well attended event and will surely inspire people to go again next year. I’ll discuss, in more detail, some of the people and businesses I met at the show in future articles.

I got a chance to talk to leading edge grow light designers, the Guerrilla Rosin Press and Extra Pro people, alarm systems and room sensor designers, hydroponic suppliers and terpene

Here’s the overview of the Edmonton Cannabis and Hemp Expo.

You’ll want to go next year!