What can they do for me?

One of the biggest surprises to come out of the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado is discovering how many people want edible cannabis products.  With a multitude of delicious choices for how one can consume cannabis, it's no wonder.

The effect upon the body from eating cannabis is much different than the inhalation method.  One typically will experience a much deeper muscle relaxation effect and a longer period of sustained pain relief.

Edible cannabis products can also promote the getting to and staying asleep.

Many people report having no trouble falling back asleep if awakened during the night, even when that's been a problem for them.

People who really need to have deep rest and recovery time  (i.e. post-op patients, chemo patients, and where smoking is not an option, etc) may benefit from edible cannabis products.  Others who suffer uncontrolled muscle spasms may benefit from the purported muscle relaxation effect.

The main difference in ingesting vs inhalation is the time frame for the ingredients to take effect.  Ingesting cannabis make take up to three hours for full effect whereas inhalation is more immediate.

There are many variations and options available for a person to consume cannabis.  Edibles can be made with dried cannabis, resin crystals, hashish, cannabis oil and cannabis butter.  It's easy!

This Almond Roca is an incredible demonstration of the high quality edibles MyKM provides their patients.

Making marijuana edibles

Start off with a good brownie recipe like one from the Hershey's Kitchen found here.

You can substitute ground dried cannabis for up to half the flour, and this author recommends organic chocolate if possible.

Edibles using cannabis butter

As an alternative, or to increase the effectiveness of your final edible, you can make cannabis butter for use in your recipes.

Depending on how strong you want it, steep a half pound or quarter pound wet of fresh cut buds in a pound of butter with the lid on overnight in a low heat electric fry pan.

For a light strength butter, an ounce of ground dried bud in a pound of butter will do as well.

Strain and squeeze the butter out in a cheese cloth.  Gloves may be recommended as you'll get a contact high from butter dripping down your arms and all over your hands.

Skin absorption is effective so be aware!

Use the left overs in a favourite cookie recipe like shortbread.  I'd call that the start of a fun afternoon!  

Edibles using cannabis oil

One of the benefits of using oil is that it is easier to regulate exactly how much your getting if dosing is a concern.

For example, adding 1 gram of oil to 4 ounces of melted chocolate.

Allow to cool and divide into 10 pieces.  Then divide into 10 pieces again in order to regulate yourself to 10 mg of bud oil.


Let's make cannabis oil squares!

Cannabis Oil Squares!  Deeeeelicious!

  1. Melt
    1,3, or 5 grams of cannabis oil (depending on desired strength)
    1/4 cup almond butter
    1/4 cup coconut oil
    1/2 cup honey
    all together over medium heat
  2. Add two to three cups of mixed cereals, oatmeal, rice crisps, and chopped nuts and seeds.
  3. Mix well then pour into a pan.
  4. Refrigerate until solid
  5. Cut into desired number of squares


Edibles using resin crystal

Using resin crystal in a recipe also allows you to regulate exactly how much THC and CBD's your final edible contains.

If you're replacing flour using resin crystals, approximately two table spoons per cup of flour will do nicely.

For example, say you add 5 grams resins crystal to a brownie recipe and divide into 16 pieces like the recipe calls for then you would be getting 312 mgs. of 61% THC and 3% CBD's.

That is quite a lot and that's without frosting!

Why Edibles?

Chocolate covered pretzels are just one more example of MyKM's tantalizing menu of cannabis edibles.

The versatility of edibles is what makes them so desirable.

This year My Kind of Meds was pleased to introduce edibles to their menu.  The great folks that make these edibles are from BC and hold the same high standards for themselves as MyKM does, starting with Kush specific strain of cannabis oil made from a patented pending frozen process from 1936, the year before prohibition.

Using only the finest and most natural ingredients they came up with five varieties of the yummiest treats anywhere!  Cream filled chocolates, almond bark, almond roca, chocolate covered pretzels and caramels!

As the seasons change, the menu will be expanding with new tasty treats and to items that are more conducive to shipping in warmer weather (for now shipping is no problem).

The number of ways to consume edibles is only bound by your imagination.

Some people swear by the health benefits of consuming small quantity of the active ingredients, THC and CBD's, of cannabis on a regular basis.

This author couldn't agree more!

Cannabis edibles in all forms for the enjoyment of our patients.