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Many people, myself included, stumbled upon the beneficial effects of cannabis for our ADD, long before it was called ADD, quite by accident as a teenager. What started out as what you might call a trial among friends in the gulley behind school, turned into a habit that was beneficial for my grades. I was an okay student before that fateful day, but I really started to enjoy school much more when I started smoking marijuana. Projects became a lot more interesting for me and I stopped stressing about my homework as much as I had before.
Crohns Disease?  Irritable Bowel syndrome?
Not a topic high on the hit list and certainly one that people generally avoid; but with so many people affected by Crohn’s Disease (CD) or Ulcerative Colitis (UC), and not withstanding, that the gastro-intestinal tract performs one of the most important functions of our body, a lot depends on the old "poop chute." No, that's not what we mean.
Medical Marijuana
The political and economic landscape of marijuana is a tumultuous field of interests from a wide range of parties. With votes, money and the health of many hanging in the balance, we often ask and are asked, why isn't marijuana legal and properly available and the answer is that we don't have the answers we need. Our country works each day to produce more research in the medical benefits of medical marijuana so marijuana may reach the point of mainstream medication.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta's third instalment on CNN on the subject of medical marijuana continues his quest to uncover the science behind the plant's healing abilities. Focusing on cannabis and the brain, Dr. Gupta talked to patients and researchers specifically about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), Alzheimer's disease and CTE (chronic trauma encephalopathy). Patients & Experiences